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#UAMglossary: What Is UAM, Anyway?

September 2, 2021

What is UAM? Read on to find the answer to this question in our very first #UAMglossary blog article. Let’s take off together and start our journey through the industry’s terminology. Here we go!


UAM is short for urban air mobility. It is a subcategory of the broader term AAM (advanced air mobility) which refers to innovative air transport in general, such as eVTOLs (electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft). UAM is characterized by including transport that is specifically created to move people and goods in a city’s lower-level airspace.

UAM & Volocopter

With our family of aircraft and innovative ecosystem, we do not solely, but take the lead in shaping this new category of transport. We bring urban air mobility to life by establishing an entire value chain together with cities, stakeholders, and partners consisting of the VoloCity and VoloConnect passenger eVTOLs, the VoloDrone cargo drones, VoloPort vertiports with surrounding ground infrastructure, and the comprehensive digital backbone VoloIQ. We thus meet urban needs on all levels and move mobility forward holistically.

To achieve this, our UAM vision is

uncompromisingly electric and free of emissions,
sustainable for nature and us humans,
highly efficient in terms of technology and service,
holistic from booking to landing,
and lastly, smart when it comes to planning and implementation.

But where is the need for UAM?

Cities all over the globe are struggling to cope with increasing growth and urbanization, not just in terms of housing. The traditional means of transport have for most parts also reached their limits. More often than not, new roads cannot be built, subway frequency cannot be increased, and new railroad tunnels and tracks cost a lot of time and money. It is quite a dilemma, but there is a way out: the urban sky.

The airspace above our cities is free of traffic. It’s still a blank canvas for true innovation to happen and offers room for actual improvement. Here we are aiming to establish fast, quiet, seamless, sustainable, and affordable mobility. Innovation-savvy cities and officials have already recognized this UAM potential. Take Paris and Singapore, for example. Both cities are prime examples of modern metropolises tackling the challenges of future mobility head-on. They are open to new ideas and partners like Volocopter. Our air taxi services here will be the first step in triggering a fundamental change for the better by improving and complementing current mobility offerings.


Urban air mobility can be a solution for cities’ mobility dilemma. But only if it is carried out properly. Volocopter is prepared to shape this new category of mobility consciously and responsibly with holistic, sustainable services. We don’t just take the current issues to another level and cram the sky full of aircraft. Instead, we will be better right from the start by partnering with global thought and industry leaders.

Volocopter's full-scaled air taxi vertiport, VoloPort, unveiled at ITS World Congress in Singapore 2019

Now that we have covered the most important keyword, you are well equipped to start your journey to explore the different aspects of UAM, learn how Volocopter is pioneering it, and how you can benefit the most from its introduction in a city near you.

We’ll see you here again soon for our next article! If you’re too excited to wait, check out the rest of our website, our Volocopter Newsroom, or the Volocopter Newsletter for more good reads!

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