VOLOPort Home of the urban air ecosystem

This is the gateway to a new world of mobility. Our VoloPorts are the perfect hubs for our VoloCity and VoloConnect aircraft and may as well accommodate other aircraft. Places to board, to vertically take-off and land or simply to marvel. Throughout the city multiple VoloPorts will be positioned at important traffic junctions such as airports and train stations and then evolve into a finely spun network to make travelling in the city faster, smoother, and just a joy.

Built For The Future The VoloPort design

The integration of flexible, vertical take-off and landing infrastructure in megacities is crucial for the success of urban air mobility and air taxi operations.

Volocopter’s vertiport construction design is cost-efficient, modular, flexible, and thus adaptable to land, sea or higher ground spaces. Specifically designed for the urban setting, the VoloPort requires only a minimal infrastructure footprint. Its modular design allows construction to start as small as about twice the area of a tennis court, while ensuring accommodating space for flight operations. So inner-city mobility with Volocopter will be a safe and smooth experience for passengers.

Volocopter is working closely with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to give and receive guidance on UAM infrastructure development. Additionally, Volocopter is working with several Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA), as well as the European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE) to proactively drive the development of standardized vertiports for vertical take-off and landing missions around the world.


Pioneering the UAM ecosystem

In 2019, we have revealed the world’s first VoloPort in Singapore. A major milestone in Volocopter history.

Our VoloPort prototype enabled real-life testing of the full customer journey to perfect the passenger experience. It showcased everything from the planned customer services to pre-flight checks, passenger lounges, and boarding procedures.

LATEST updates

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