VOLOPort Cleared for takeoff

Our vertiport concept, the VoloPort, is a key element of our ecosystem. We understand all the requirements and are working in line with the new regulations for UAM, as well as with our partners to offer fully integrated solutions for cities across the globe..Vertiports are essentially boarding and disembarking points for vertically taking off and landing. As hubs for our VoloCity and VoloRegion passenger aircraft, these vertiports will also be utilized by other UAM aircraft that share the lower airspace alongside ours. Multiple VoloPorts will be positioned at high-footfall areas within a city, such as airports and train stations. We believe that the infrastructure expertise we’ve amassed in-house is a crucial success factor for urban air mobility.

BUILT FOR TOMORROW The VoloPort design

If we want to ensure the success of urban air mobility and air taxi operations, it’s imperative that we create flexible vertical takeoff and landing infrastructure in megacities across the globe.

Volocopter’s vertiport design is cost-efficient, modular, and flexible, meaning it can be adapted for use on the ground, at sea, or on a raised platform. Designed with the urban setting in mind, the VoloPort requires minimal infrastructure. And its modular design takes up no more than the space of two tennis courts, which is plenty of space for flight operations. Calling all passengers: Get ready for a safe and smooth experience with Volocopter.

Volocopter is working closely with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to share information critical to UAM infrastructure development. Additionally, Volocopter is working with several civil aviation authorities (CAA) and with the European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE) to proactively drive the development of standardized vertiports for vertical takeoff and landing missions around the world.


Pioneering the UAM ecosystem

In 2019 we revealed the world’s first VoloPort in Singapore. This was a major milestone in our corporate history.

Our VoloPort prototype enabled us to test the entire customer journey with a view to delivering an excellent passenger experience. We showcased everything from the customer services we envision through pre-flight checks, passenger lounges, and boarding procedures.

NEWS The latest developments

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