VOLODRONE The heavy-lift drone

Sharing strong synergies with today’s Volocopter platform, the VoloDrone is an unmanned, fully electric utility drone capable of carrying an impressive and unprecedented payload. The VoloDrone has been designed to serve challenging missions across diverse industries, ready to be deployed where classic transport reaches its limits.

THE DRONE AND ONLY Features that make a difference

Seriously strong

Our VoloDrones are equipped to carry a payload of up to 200 kg. This makes them suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty operations and quite frankly also pretty cool.


The VoloDrones are going the distance. With a range of up to 40 kilometres they can operate within a large radius from their point of take-off. Combined with the immense payload this opens up great possibilities.

Fully electric

Just like our VoloCity air taxis, the VoloDrone operates 100% electrically powered and flies free of emission. Clean and quiet ­– it is the perfect means of transport.

Very versatile

Thanks to its flexible equipment system, the VoloDrone is a powerful tool that can be tailored to numerous purposes. For example:


From retail to time-critical medical or spare part deliveries, the VoloDrone will deliver your package safely, efficiently and on time. The ideal middle-mile transport for heavy deliveries.


Public services
In the moment of need, the VoloDrone can be quickly deployed to provide disaster relief, air rescue, or support humanitarian aid.

The VoloDrone can also assist in daily operations like building sites. Its high payload makes it ideal for construction, maintenance, and site planning.


Agriculture & Forestry
The VoloDrone can increase productivity in plant protection, sowing, forest management, frost control, and more.

in series

The VoloDrone demonstrator performed its first flight in October 2019. Two years later, the VoloDrone took the stage at ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg – conducting its first public flight in cooperation with our partner DB Schenker.

VoloDrone in hangar
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