VOLOIQ Behind-the-scenes support

Welcome to the brains behind our eVTOL ecosystem. Everything from our VoloCity air taxis to our VoloPorts, app, and the weather conditions on any given day will be monitored via our signature VoloIQ software. We are building this intelligent and integrated system, which will run on Microsoft Azure. It offers full transparency for the complex urban air mobility ecosystem in real time.

Scalable Support System Winning features

Seamless user experience

Fly & Ride: Seamless user integration will allow customers to easily book a VoloCity flight and then switch to a cab, e-scooter or other transport option afterwards – within a single platform. New partners are always welcome!

Smart infrastructure management

VoloIQ optimizes infrastructure, our decentralized battery management facilities, and our cost-efficient, low-maintenance VoloPorts.

Data enrichment and connectivity

Ready for autonomous operation: We collect data from multiple sensors to ensure connectivity and safe and insightful autonomous flights as soon as this becomes viable.

Cloud-based, service-orientated architecture

Powered by Microsoft Azure, VoloIQ’s design is safe, robust, and designed for global scalability.

AI-Driven fleet service and management

VoloIQ will monitor and predict the need for maintenance on our VoloCitys. This will ensure ongoing airworthiness, reliability, and longer-lasting aircraft.

Scaled digital flight operations

By enhancing in-flight safety and network usage, VoloIQ will actively automate, optimize, and drive urban air mobility infrastructure, routing, and operations.

NEWS The latest developments

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