VoloConnect Intelligent, extended urban transport

In our mission to take mobility to the next level, the VoloConnect is going the extra mile. Quite literally. Our newest eVTOL aircraft is designed to work as an extension of our VoloCity urban air taxi services. It will connect the city and suburbs in one swift, smooth, and emission-free flight, taking the urban air experience even further.

Made to exceed Advanced technology

If you thought the acclaimed multirotor system of our VoloCity and VoloDrone was the only technical ace we had up our sleeve, then we have a surprise for you. Enter VoloConnect. The fixed-wing aircraft works with two propulsion fans plus six electrical motors and rotors. The resulting lift-and-cruise design is set to transport up to four passengers efficiently on routes of 100km, with a maximum speed of 250 km/h and 180 km/h travel speed.

Built for the long run Features that make a difference

Perfectly connective

The VoloConnect brings communities closer together by bridging the gap between cities and their suburbs. The important meeting downtown, the train to catch, and the opportunity to seize are all just one swift flight away. Get the best of both worlds with our UAM transport extension.

Inherently efficient

With its lift-and-cruise design, natural stability, and high lift-to-drag ratio, the VoloConnect embodies next-level flight efficiency. Combined with the innovative, fully electric drive and battery-swap system, these elements make for a smooth, fast travel experience with an utter comfort.

Safety by design

Developed to the highest aviation standards and requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the VoloConnect eVTOL carries on our track record of expertise and safe operation by featuring multiple redundant and separate systems, creating the highest level of safety in aviation.

Fully integrated

We like to look at the bigger picture. All of our creations are part of a larger ecosystem bringing urban air mobility to life. Just like our VoloCity, the VoloConnect will be linked to our VoloIQ air operations intelligence and VoloPort vertiports to offer you the best possible flight and service experience. What’s more: Our design choices match the planned infrastructure perfectly.

Highly experienced

Volocopter has been flying since 2011. Our experience and what we have learned from more than 1,000 test flights with our aircraft like the VoloCity make us what we are today: one of the most advanced and safest providers of air mobility worldwide.

Peacefully quiet

The VoloConnect excels at convenience and comfort. Its sound level is designed to minimize any environmental disruption and maximize public acceptance. The VoloConnect’s extremely quiet, electric operation is therefore an important part of its identity.


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