VoloCity The air taxi that’s a cut above

The VoloCity air taxi will shun even the most exclusive streets. Instead, it will fly whisper-quiet and emission-free. Combined with our VoloPorts, it is poised to connect passengers with key transportation hubs like train stations and airports, thus enabling seamless, faster, and more convenient urban travel. The VoloCity isn’t just another aircraft – it’s a veritable game changer.

Built for technological leadership

2 seats, 18 rotors, and endless possibilities: The VoloCity air taxi is a technologically superior all-electric aircraft with the ability to vertically take off and land. Back in 2011, Volocopter was the first to build and fly passenger in a vehicle of this kind. Developed to meet the exacting aviation standards and requirements set by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the innovative VoloCity design has already earned multiple certifications.

Built for city missions Winning features

Extremely safe

VoloCity air taxis feature multiple redundant systems, making this aircraft virtually fail-safe. The rotors, electric motors, batteries, avionics, and display all have at least two replacements. This actually exceeds the technical requirements and should give you the peace of mind to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.

Incredibly quiet

The first time you experience a VoloCity, you won’t believe your ears! Yes, flying really can be this quiet. All 18 rotors operate within a narrow frequency range, largely canceling each other out. By comparison, VoloCity air taxis are four times quieter than a small helicopter. A treat for all urban ears.

Aviation innovator

Volocopter started flying back in 2011. The experience and knowledge we have gained from conducting over 1,000 test flights make us what we are today: one of the world’s most advanced and safest air taxi operators. The VoloCity has already received permits to fly in crewed or uncrewed configurations during test flights in cities like Hamburg, Dubai, Helsinki, and Singapore.

Flying made easy

Flying has never been so easy. Our state-of-the-art assistance systems and upwards of 100 microprocessors mean our VoloCity air taxis ensure exceptional stability and control. So altitude, balance, and landing can all be managed intuitively.

Economical endeavor

The VoloCity raises the bar in terms of reliability, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness. Instead of fuel, we fly with economical and increasingly sustainable electricity. The streamlined mechanical components minimize the need for aircraft maintenance, repairs, and overhauls.

All-electric superstar

Our VoloCity’s 18 motors are powered by nine rechargeable batteries. And our battery swapping system enables rapid aircraft turnaround times. This is how we’re investing in efficiency and sustainability, significantly increasing battery life in the process.

News The latest developments

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