Revealed: How Our VoloIQ Digital Backbone Supports Our UAM Ecosystem
June 29, 2022|

There are no two ways about it: our urban air mobility (UAM) ecosystem approach has the power to not just bolster but also to harmonize our future-oriented operations from a single source. Keep reading to find out how the VoloIQ is so central to our UAM ecosystem. 


Advancing UAM 

As the pioneers of a brand-new and future-forward mobility sector, we certainly appreciate the importance of ensuring that the tech we’re working on (which is shaping up to be a stellar 3-member aircraft family, by the way) is an impressive part of what will ultimately be a well-oiled UAM machine. 

However, we've gone one step further by setting ourselves the task of creating an entire framework for this to happen, namely through our sophisticated ecosystem approach. This will pave the way toward an ecosystem that we believe will raise the bar in the UAM market. And when all’s said and done, we’re extremely proud to call its control center our VoloIQ

The VoloIQ: Our inflight dashboard and so much more besides

Volocopter explains it all 

If you know us even a little bit you’ll know that we’re firm believers in being transparent: one look at our Careers page and you’ll see precisely what we mean. We want to make our intentions clear to all those who join or are thinking of joining our mission. And our approach to the VoloIQ is no different. That’s why we’ve come up with this short video. In the same way that fun teacher explained complex concepts at school, we got a friend to tell you how it all works, in a way that’s fun and – even if we do say so ourselves – visually stunning. (Not as stunning as, say, our VoloCity air taxi, but a pretty close second nonetheless.) 

What the video offers is a glimpse into our tomorrow: projections reveal that around two-thirds of people will be living in cities come 2050, so the plan is for our entire UAM ecosystem to make their lives easier. Think of it like this: instead of miles upon miles of congested streets, we’ll shift many commuters, tourists, and other public transportation users to the skies by offering a convenient and sustainable alternative to the current status quo.  

Our UAM ecosystem approach is thus doubly beneficial: as much as we’d like to be the masters (and mistresses) of the (sub)urban skies, it’s pretty clear that they won’t belong to us and us alone – in fact, we’ll probably be sharing them with a few other eVTOL companies. What we can say for sure is that our UAM ecosystem – and the VoloIQ as its digital reinforcement – will allow all our eVTOLs to zip safely and sustainably across the heavens. 

But in the interests of not giving too much away, do give the vid a watch once you’re done reading this. We promise we won’t “drone” on …

Our sophisticated VoloIQ digital platform is set to harmonize our operations and bring our UAM ecosystem to life

LHIND & VC: A meeting of the minds & the skills 

We’ve partnered with Lufthansa Industry Solutions (LHIND) to get the suite of services that is the VoloIQ off the ground – well, at least as far as the tech is concerned, before we get it off the ground for real at our commercial launch (scheduled for the 2024 Paris Olympics). As a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the world’s major airlines, the good people over at LHIND are unquestionably au fait with standard airline tech. But when it comes to developing the digital twin for an all-new UAM ecosystem, therein lies the challenge for us all. But are we worried?  

Well, our developers, coding whiz kids, and the project owners who keep the whole agile team here at Volocopter together are working flat out to realize this ambitious ecosystem. So, in short, we’re quietly confident about the whole thing. The next blog post will see us delving into the details and the Digital Strategy team and sharing the lowdown from our talented VoloIQ colleagues with all of you.  

But for now, let’s focus on another winning feature of the tech: the fact that our VoloIQ is set to replace almost twenty (yes, twenty) legacy systems as our teams work via cross-departmental synergies to bring to life the digital backbone of the world’s very first fully integrated UAM ecosystem. This digital twin to the physical realm will help us manage all aspects of our UAM services from the ground – including our autonomous operations, once those are happily airborne, too. 

And as if all that wasn’t enough, the VoloIQ will also streamline every step of the journey: from booking and arrival at a passenger or shipment’s final destination through aircraft maintenance and all battery matters. 

After all, what we aim to provide is a seamless experience for all those who take advantage of the countless possibilities that our entire UAM ecosystem (physical and digital) will offer, be they operators, passengers, or cities across the planet that we call home. The word “exciting” doesn’t even begin to cut it.