#UAMglossary: DOA and POA

January 21, 2022

The #UAMglossary is back with the next two terms: DOA and POA.


Specifically, a DOA must be able to ensure that the initial design, modification, or repair of products meets all requirements for certification, environmental protection, and operational suitability. On the other hand, a company with a POA must implement and maintain a quality system that guarantees production adheres to the approved production data. In the simplest of terms, the DOA certifies the creation process of the aircraft design, the POA allows the company to go from design to creation.

In order to qualify for both approvals, applicants must pass a multi-stage process that can take up to two years. During this process, EASA audits the organization and its processes thoroughly. This means the applicants must elevate every department, process, and system up to the high standards of a fully operating aviation company. The final certificate is therefore a significant sign of trust and special recognition of consistent quality.

Depending on the level of maturity and experience, the DOA/POA holder can be granted a number of privileges. These privileges may include the permission to independently approve modifications to the aircraft or issuing flight permits for prototype testing.

Volocopter receives Design Organization Approval by EASA in 2019

DOA, POA & Volocopter

Volocopter was granted DOA (EASA Part-21 J) in 2019 and POA (EASA Part-21 G) in 2021. These are huge milestones, as EASA’s approval is a prerequisite in the commercial launch and obtaining type certification for new types of aircraft such as the VoloCity and VoloConnect.

Volocopter holds both DOA and POA approvals, thus giving us a competitive advantage in bringing urban air mobility to life. More importantly, Volocopter to date (January 2022) is the first and only eVTOL company to have received both DOA and POA approval by EASA, which – quite frankly – makes us very proud. With these approvals, Volocopter joins the ranks of major aviation companies.


The Design Organisation (DOA) and Production Organisation (POA) Approvals from EASA represent a fundamental step forward in obtaining type certification and realizing our vision for urban air mobility. They reflect our extremely high quality and safety standards and Volocopter’s growing maturity as a company.

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