Meet the VoloDrone Team

October 18, 2021

For every aspect of Volocopter, we have our dedicated specialists. And of course there is also a specific unit devoted to each of our air mobility solutions. Today, the VoloDrone tech team is here to answer some questions and provide you with insights on how our heavy-lift cargo drones have come to be. 


How big is the team and where is it based?

At the moment, we are a team of about 30 engineers, flight mechanics, system architects, business developers, and other specialists who work at our development site in Munich.

How would you describe your day at work?

Simply put, our team is bringing Urban Air Mobility to life every day.

Our work revolves around the development of the VoloDrone, Volocopter’s cargo drone. These are suited for heavy-lift operations in various fields such as logistics, agriculture, or even public service. One of our primary goals is to achieve the highest safety standards and product maturity. To accomplish this, our team of highly qualified engineers integrates diverse technologies leveraging their extensive aerospace experience: mechanical design and architecture, electrical systems and propulsion, flight control law development, and flight testing to develop our ideal eVTOL product.

But the VoloDrone development extends beyond the aircraft itself. We also need to integrate our capabilities into existing value chains successfully. We run ground tests exercising payload handling, ergonomics, and automation – all to make sure that we deliver the best product to our customers. After all, they are ultimately at the core of what we do. We want to develop a solution that addresses market demands with a customer-centric approach, so we listen and translate their voice into a product strategy that adds value to several industries.

“The challenging part is also the most exciting: being at the cutting edge of technology for eVTOL aircraft. We are the drivers of our industry.”
The VoloDrone Team in action at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg

Is there a special project you are currently working on?

We just successfully performed our first VoloDrone public flight in Hamburg, Germany, this past week! This was a huge milestone for us as it represents an integral part of our development roadmap to commercial operations. With that flight, we managed to demonstrate the maturity of our product by flying in the port area of an urban environment! This was a major team effort that clearly showcases the technical expertise and dedication we put into our products and services.

What do you like about your job in particular?

One of the most exciting aspects of day-to-day life in our team is that everybody has visibility of the complete aircraft evolution. Our planning routines allow for the whole team to see the latest developments. Every day, we document the progress of all teammates: “We successfully released a new software version,” “Ground tests went well,” “The aircraft behaved very well with our new cargo box!” and so on. We are very proud of the continuous progress and especially happy to see the strides we are making with our aircraft. Each day represents a step towards a mature, safe, and ultimately certified product.

What are the challenges of your job?

The challenging part is also the most exciting: being at the cutting edge of technology for eVTOL aircraft. We are the drivers of our industry, and many challenges arise from this mission: Supporting the development of new certification frameworks, integration of advanced autonomy suites, battery technology, and electrical systems. All of that while also making sure we can be successfully integrated into existing value chains!

What projects are planned for the future? Are there any vacant positions on your team?

We’re always looking for talented new people to join our team. The latest open positions range from software development and system engineering to certified pilots. Check out our latest vacancies here.


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