We bring urban air mobility to your life

Urban Air Mobility Innovation for a better city

Say goodbye to congested streets, closed routes and missed opportunities. Volocopter will be the first to offer you a way out of the urban dilemma. We will provide you with a new and better perspective on the city: from above! With our electric family of aircraft, VoloCity, VoloDrone, Voloconnect, and our very own ecosystem, urban air mobility (UAM) becomes a reality. Commercial flights in Paris and Singapore are planned to take off within the next three years. So, hop in and learn to love inner city travel with us.

Our Heart & Goal The key piece to our ecosystem

VoloCity air taxi

Our electric VoloCity air taxi is at the heart of Volocopter. It is the first of its kind to be designed and developed to the highest safety standards in aviation by EASA. However, the VoloCity is just one essential puzzle piece of a larger vision: Our own urban air mobility ecosystem from booking to landing. This includes our VoloPort vertiports, the VoloIQ operating system and the VoloDrone for heavy-lift cargo transport.

Vision of Paris
Pioneering cities

Paris, France, is going to be a leader in urban air mobility. In an unprecedented mobility project, the local airport and public transport operators have chosen Volocopter as their eVTOL manufacturer. Joint tests have already started.

Volocopter over Paris

Urban Air mobility news

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