VoloRegion Intelligent & far-reaching

In our mission to take mobility to the next level, the VoloRegion will be going the extra mile – quite literally. Our third eVTOL aircraft is designed to be an extension of our VoloCity urban air taxi services. The VoloRegion will connect the city with the suburbs in one swift, smooth, and emission-free flight, taking the urban air experience even further afield.

To cities – and beyond Bigger and better

The VoloRegion is another example of our patented UAM technology. This fixed-wing, longer-range passenger aircraft that runs on two propulsion fans and six electric motors and rotors. Its lift-and-cruise design will be able to accommodate up to four passengers, swiftly ferrying them as much as 100 km away, with a maximum airspeed of 250 km/h and a cruise speed of 180 km/h.

Built to last Winning features

Connecting communities

The VoloRegion will bring communities closer together by bridging the gap between cities and their suburbs. Key meetings and other important out-of-town errands will all be within easy reach thanks to our VoloRegion. Get the best of both worlds with our new UAM offering.

A real workhorse

With its lift-and-cruise design, inherent stability, and high lift-to-drag ratio, the VoloRegion embodies next-level flight efficiency. The innovative, fully electric drive and battery-swap system make for a smooth, fast travel experience with guaranteed comfort.

Safety by design

Developed to meet the highest standards and requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the VoloRegion is poised to continue our glowing track record that exudes expertise and safe operation. How? Through its multiple redundant and separate systems, living up to the highest aviation safety standards.

Fully integrated

We like to look at the big picture. All of our systems feed into an overarching ecosystem that will help us bring urban air mobility to life. Just like our VoloCity, the VoloRegion will be linked to our VoloIQ and VoloPort vertiports to offer you the best possible in-flight experience and service quality. Plus, our design choices are fully in keeping with the accompanying infrastructure.

Seasoned staff

Volocopter started flying back in 2011. The experience and knowledge we have gained from conducting over 1,000 test flights with the VoloCity have made us what we are today: one of the world’s most advanced and safest air taxi operators.


The VoloRegion excels at both convenience and comfort. Its low noise output will minimize any associated pollution and serve to maximize public acceptance. The VoloRegion will boast whisper-quiet and all-electric operation, two of its key features.

NEWS The latest developments

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