Engineering the Future

The Technology behind our eVTOL vision

Our top priority is to deliver a very safe service that is as efficient and reliable as it is game-changing. To that end, we have been working closely with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to certify our aircraft by ensuring we meet the highest safety standards in aviation.
As the pioneer of this new form of mobility – and game-changing feat of engineering – we aim to be the first to bring it to life. This is supported by two things that make us the leader in this emerging UAM field: our in-house-engineered eVTOL aircraft feature the latest drone technology and, with our VoloIQ and extensive vertiport expertise and our own VoloPort design, we have created a holistic ecosystem in which the aircraft will operate.

An Ecosystem built with you in mind

We believe that a holistic approach is needed to bring UAM to life. That’s why our sophisticated ecosystem is a seamlessly integrated feat of engineering, built to ensure a new, cleaner, and easy-to-use form of mobility. It fits in with any cityscape, enriching the available transportation options. And once we’re clear to launch autonomous flight modes, we’ll be able to take our vision for air taxis – and more – even further.

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