Volocopter makes the dream of electrical flight in cities come true. We are Urban Air Mobility pioneers at the forefront of establishing the whole Urban Air Mobility ecosystem, and we build electrically powered aircraft (eVTOLs). These aircraft are meant to provide a future mobility service for metropoles around the world to bring people and goods to their intra-urban destinations: Very stable flight, low and agreeable sound signature, zero emissions during flight.

We offer Urban Air Mobility as a supplement to existing mobility options for a broad customer base to offer people to reach their urban destinations faster and more comfortably.

We are currently not planning on selling single Volocopters. Rather, our goal is to offer a means of public transport or mobility service. A ride with a Volocopter will be approximately the price of an Uber Black, but it will bring you from A to B much more conveniently than its competitors, as we will fly direct routes.

Everybody hates being stuck in traffic, and so do we! As there is no more space to expand roads, one solution is going up in the air. Volocopters can solve such problems quickly. Think about your favorite big city and the amount of traffic there; the demand for mobility is increasing steadily on a global scale. We want to get you to your destination faster in a safe and innovative way.

We are pioneers in the space of electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOLs) and autonomous air taxis. When we completed our historic piloted flight of an eVTOL, the VC1, in 2011, most people thought our idea of electrically powered multicopters was nothing short of crazy.

Since 2016 we have a preliminary license for piloted flight in Germany. We have flown autonomously, piloted, and remotely piloted. As a result, we have more than 1,000 test flights and the corresponding lessons learned on our side. These years of experience give us the edge in testing compared to most other projects out there. And we are not afraid to show this on public demonstration flights, like our flights in Helsinki, Dubai or Singapore.

We also have a rigid commitment to serving metropoles where traveling over short distances can be difficult and time consuming. We are building our VoloCitys to be the best air taxi on the market getting people from A to B inside the city. Safely, quietly, and quickly.

Finally, we are already cooperating with many partners for the ecosystem surrounding our Volocopter aircraft.

Volocopters are electrically powered and very stable in flight this makes them emission free in flight and much quieter than a conventional helicopter. Unlike a helicopter, a Volocopter has almost no moving parts, so it will be significantly lower in maintenance. To put this in perspective, for every 3 hours a helicopter operates, it requires 1 hour of maintenance. The only wearing parts in our Volocopters are the bearings in the motors.

Think of how often you replace the bearings in the wheels of your car – usually never in a lifetime!

Volocopter conducts daily test flights at our headquarters in Southern Germany, so for us electric Volocopter flight is already a reality. We have performed public flight demonstrations in Germany, Dubai, Las Vegas, Helsinki, Stuttgart, and Singapore which were a mix of piloted, remotely piloted, and autonomous flights.

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