Connecting Perspectives: Strichpunkt Designs Volocopter’s Branding
April 13, 2021|

Bruchsal / Stuttgart, 13 April 2021. Volocopter recently demonstrated their global growth course to investors once again and secured 200 million in fresh capital. Now, with a new brand identity from the design and branding experts at Strichpunkt, the company is also preparing itself for the communication challenges of the future. The branding approach emphasizes above all Volocopter’s leadership claim in the field of urban air mobility. After a multi-stage selection process, Strichpunkt Design 2020 has secured the branding budget for the eVTOL developer Volocopter. Together, Strichpunkt and Volocopter are presenting the new corporate design, the website, and the digital brand portal. Work is also underway for applying the modular design system across three dimensional spaces.

The visual leitmotif for the corporate design is  “Connecting Perspectives”, now visible on the new company website. The website went live yesterday and was developed by Strichpunkt together with achtung! Strichpunkt developed the modular design, setting the foundation for future work on the brand to enable Volocopter’s professional brand management as the company grows rapidly and internationally.

Volocopter’s commission was to transcribe the strategic positioning and the tonalities around the core concepts of MovingElectrifiedBright, and Confident into a forward-looking brand design. This new Volocopter brand design is now completely and permanently housed in the digital brand portal. Everyone who will work with the brand in the future, whether within the company or as a partner, will have online access to all current assets such as logos, typography, colors, layouts, etc. at any time.

Volocopter’s new design combines seemingly opposite concepts: ground-breaking technology with elegant aesthetics, the ease of flying with the highest safety requirements, time-saving travel with a unique flying experience. The new brand identity creates a visual character by combining values and goals with unrivaled know-how and seamless processes.

In line with the visual leitmotif  “Connecting Perspectives”, the design brings together contrasting pairs (e.g., fonts in bold/caps + light) to create a new corporate identity. The visual language also thrives on motif and light contrasts.

Staging Volocopter’s new brand in three dimensional spaces is also one of the tasks for the experts at Strichpunkt.

Marcus Hinkel, Head of Marketing & Brand Management Volocopter:  “Volocopter is the pioneer and technology leader for bringing the entire urban air mobility ecosystem to life. With our new brand identity, we now want to also become a leader in design and communication - worldwide. The new corporate design will make our brand even more valuable and help us ensure that we are memorable in the hearts and minds of our target audience.”

Philipp Brune, CEO Strichpunkt:  “Volocopter is a shining example that visions can also become a reality in Germany. With a holistic branding approach, we have contributed to uplifting Volocopter’s communication so that nothing now stands in the way of further growth.”

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About Volocopter GmbH 

Volocopter is building the world’s first sustainable and scalable urban air mobility business to bring affordable air taxi services to megacities worldwide. With the VoloCity, the company is developing the first fully electric “eVTOL” aircraft in certification to transport passengers safely and quietly within cities. Volocopter leads and cooperates with partners in infrastructure, operations, and air traffic management to build the ecosystem necessary to ‘Bring Urban Air Mobility to Life’.

In 2011, Volocopter performed the first-ever crewed flight of a purely electric multicopter and has since showcased numerous public flights with its full-scale aircraft. The most notable have been the public test flights at Singapore’s Marina Bay in October 2019 and the world’s first autonomous eVTOL flight in Dubai 2017. Volocopter is also developing products for the logistics space with their heavy-lift cargo variant, the VoloDrone.

Founded in 2011 by Stephan Wolf and Alexander Zosel, Volocopter has 300 employees in offices in Bruchsal, Munich, and Singapore. The company has raised a total of €322 million in equity. Volocopter‘s investors include Daimler, Geely, DB Schenker, BlackRock, and Intel Capital amongst others.

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