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Urban Air Mobility
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Volocopter, the pioneer in Urban Air Mobility (UAM), is cooperating with Lufthansa Industry Solutions. Together we are building Volocopter’s proprietary intelligent and integrated “Urban Air Mobility Software Platform” that will run on Microsoft Azure: VoloIQ. It offers complete digital visibility of the complex UAM ecosystem in real-time. VoloIQ is the digital backbone for enabling the whole Volocopter Urban Air Mobility Services ecosystem and serves as the brain for our air taxi services.

Press Releases

Pioneers with nine years testing experience

This video offers you a short recap of Volocopter milestones along with the regular tests that are taking place, this gives you a taste of how close we are to establishing urban air taxi services with our VoloCity across the world!
Check out the press releases for more information.

Press Releases

Extremely safe

The EASA international certification baseline published in July 2019 (EASA SC-VTOL-01) requires air taxis to be as safe as airliners. The VoloCity is designed to meet these standards.

Nicely quiet

By distributing the 18 electrically powered rotors on one level, Volocopters achieve a sound quality that sets the acoustic standard for air taxis worldwide. That's why Volocopters have a pleasant sound signature.

100% electric

All Volocopters are electrically powered air taxis. Developed for safe, manned flight in inner cities, they bring passengers to their destination – emission free.

Made in Germany

German engineering. Reliability guaranteed.


The Pioneer

First flight in 2011. Eight years flight experience. The world's first permit to fly a manned multicopter. That's what we call pioneering work.


All in

Aircraft, infrastructure, and customer experience: we take a holistic approach to developing Urban Air Mobility.