The Vision behind Volocopter

From Prototype to pioneer

At Volocopter we make the dream of electric flight come true. Our Volocopter aircraft offer affordable solutions to transport both goods and people to their destination: Free of emissions, and in a more sustainable and timely manner. Together with the sophisticated ecosystem we create around our air taxis we open up a whole new perspective on and for the city. By flying electrically over cities, we make room on the streets. By connecting important transport hubs as the crow flies, we bring the city and its people closer together.


We first envisioned this dream of electric flight 10 years ago. Today, we are an aircraft manufacturer, an airline, and pioneer all in one. Together with talented world-class people and partners, we are bringing urban air mobility to life. Commercial flights in Paris and Singapore will start within the next 2-3 years. We are beyond excited.

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Volocopter is constantly growing. We currently employ more than 400 people in our offices in Bruchsal, Munich, and Singapore – with more to come! Bruchsal, where it all started, is now home to our headquarters and three more test and development sites. Our focus here is on our VoloCity. Our site in Munich is mainly dedicated to the development of our heavy-lift product, the VoloDrone and future projects such as the VoloConnect. Our newest office in Singapore accompanied the construction of the world’s first VoloPort prototype on site. At the moment, we are mapping out how to launch one of the first urban air taxi services in the world powered by Volocopter.

Road to Volocopter Our company history in brief

In a matter of ten years, we have come further than anybody else in eVTOL history. Everything started with our now famous prototype in 2011. See our collection of milestones for the most important events that followed.

Commitment to launch air taxi service in Singapore

Design Organization Approval by EASA

Presentation of the VoloDrone

Crewed flight over Singapore’s Marina Bay

Unveiling of the first VoloPort Prototype

Temporarily integrated into air traffic at Helsinki Int. Airport

World’s first air taxi flies over Dubai autonomously

The Volocopter is granted its first permit for manned flight


Volocopter writes aviation history


Our Future Shapers Volocopter Leadership Team

After completing his degree in Business Engineering, Florian started his career as a top management consultant with primarily international assignments in the US and Asia. Before dedicating himself to mobility, he was creating technology start-ups for Siemens, repeatedly overcoming the challenges of the innovator’s dilemma. Since joining Volocopter as employee number five in 2015, Florian has been shaping the emergence of urban air mobility and leading Volocopter’s team in strategically positioning its technology and services for international markets.

Arnaud Coville is an engineer with a PhD in automatic control and robotics and counts almost three decades of experience in the aviation industry. He has been actively involved in developing aircraft from Helicopters (H135), regional jets (CRJ700 and 728) to large aircraft (A350 and A380) for companies including Safran, Fairchild Dornier, Diehl Avionik, and Airbus Helicopter.

Rene joined Volocopter as our CFO in 2018. Besides building our Finance department, he leads Volocopter’s financial strategy and fundraising activities, including the recent successful closing of our Series D financing round. With a background in investment banking and strategy consulting (Citibank and McKinsey & Co.), Rene first entered the start-up world in 2000 as CFO of Berlin based Before joining Volocopter, he was the CFO at Kreditech, where he helped increase the company’s valuation thirtyfold and raised approximately half a billion euros in equity and debt capital. Rene holds an MBA from INSEAD. Throughout his career to date, he has participated in over 80 M&A transactions, financing rounds, and IPOs.

Christian Bauer has 15 years of experience in the mobility sector. He worked for Daimler in various function including Business Development and M&A, where he participated in merger, venture, fundraising and IPO projects including Airbus, myTaxi, HERE Technologies, Renault/Nissan and others. Before joining Volocopter he was heading a department for High-Tech cooperations at Mercedes-Benz, pushing to bring innovations to series maturity. An economist and information technologist by training, Christian is responsible for all commercial aspects at Volocopter and making Urban Air Mobility Services an integral part of transportation systems across the globe.

Alexander Oelling brings his entrepreneurial experience and technical expertise to Volocopter as Chief Digital Officer. He started his career with the invention of the BigData database engine GraphDB. After founding companies focusing on digitalization, such as Sensorberg, he also served as Chief Technical Officer for Looping Group and Gamers Academy. At Volocopter, he spearheads the digitization of the urban air mobility (UAM) ecosystem and applies his technical and leadership skills to promote a future-proof solution to mobility in cities around the world.

Dea-Anne D’Amico is a leader in global talent and people management, bringing over two decades of international experience in organizational value creation for multibillion-dollar companies. She has held senior executive positions for both B2B and B2C companies, serving over 100 national markets. She has held line management positions for The Walt Disney Company, Compaq (HP), Serono (Merck), Valeo, AT&T, and ST Microelectronics and served as the Chief Human Resources Officer for the World Economic Forum. She also served on the EU Commission’s working group for the creation of an AI marketplace.

An Aerospace Engineer by training, Oliver Reinhardt has played an instrumental role to more than 9 aircraft certification projects in the past 25 years. As CTO at Flight Design, he managed the Design Organization setup and certified, manufactured, and delivered aircraft to 42 countries world-wide. In addition, he served as industry representative on several major international Aviation Rulemaking Committees. At Volocopter, Oliver combines his aviation and additional automotive background to manage all product and corporate certification aspects, along with the Quality, Risk, Safety, and Compliance Management Systems.

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It’s great to believe in an idea, but it’s magical when others do too. Here are some of our strong partners and investors who, like us, love to create something entirely new.

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