Community guidelines

Our Community Guidelines

As the pioneer of electric urban air mobility, we value the safety of both our passengers and our community. We want Volocopter’s social media channels to be an inspiring, welcoming, and positive space, and we know how much fun sharing content on social media can be. However, it also comes with certain risks and responsibilities. That’s why we developed standards for what we want and don’t want on our channels so we can keep our great community safe. To make sure we are all aware of our standards, we will guide you through our perception of how to engage on our social media channels. Read them carefully and you’ll be all set to take off in our social media community. Last but not least, don’t forget to tag us in any new content! We love to read the great stories from our pioneering community!


What we want:

  • To provide you with space for exchange: We want you to feel empowered to communicate so please feel free to engage on our social media channels and talk openly about what matters to you – you can be sure that we will not sell your personal details to a third party. Find out more about our privacy policy here.
  • To hear your opinion: We want the engagement on our social media channels to be authentic and are therefore happy to read all your meaningful and real interactions even if we might disagree. Please fact-check before posting information and own up to any mistakes.
  • To get your feedback: While we are constantly reviewing the content on our platforms, we also rely on your feedback as well. So, if you ever happen to discover user content on our social media channels that you think should not be on there, do not hesitate to report it to us via direct message and we will check it out.


What we don’t want:

  • Unlawful content: As you are legally responsible for the content you post, do not infringe upon or violate the rights of any third party. This includes privacy rights, copyright, or trademarks, as well as posting content that is not in accordance with our values or might be too sensitive for our community. We reserve the right to remove it or suspend access to our page for those accounts. This applies to hate speech, humiliating, defamatory or violent content, spamming, sexually explicit and provocative content, unlawful and illegal content, and any other content that seems inappropriate to us. We also reserve the right to modify or add to our guidelines at any time.
  • Insulting content: Do not target people or discriminate against them as safety and respect come first. Discriminatory targeting of or threats against any audience based on race, gender, skin color or ethnic origin, religious, political or philosophical affiliation or beliefs, sexual behavior or orientation, or disability will not be tolerated. As a guiding principle you can use the following: Anyone can read your comments.
  • Spam: Do not add spam to our page or post information that you know to be false about us or any other pioneers in our community.
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