#Blog #CrewStories: Meet the VoloIQ team

December 21, 2021

Meet the brains behind all of our UAM operations: the VoloIQ team is constantly working to create the perfect digital backbone for our aircraft services to take off. Today you get the chance to learn a bit more about the geniuses who are making this possible.


How big is the team and where is it based?

We are a handful of Product Owners located in Bruchsal, Berlin, and Munich. For example, our UX/UI specialists work and live in Berlin. On top of that, we also have several experts with whom we work closely in the regions we want to deploy our services, such as Singapore. The majority of the broader development team (20–30 people) is located at our HQ in Bruchsal and in Hamburg with our implementation partner Lufthansa Industry Solutions.

How would you describe your day at work?

We are building the digital backbone for Volocopter’s urban air solutions. Everything from our VoloCity air taxis to our VoloPorts, the app and the local weather conditions is coordinated via our very own software platform VoloIQ. This includes plenty of internal software tools and new technology required to enable safe service and a benchmarking experience. Hence, we work very closely with our internal business units to learn their requirements, which are determined by the aircraft, the operations, and the commercial context.

These requirements are then translated by our Product Owner team and implemented in an agile working mode by our Development team. Our DevOps colleagues make sure the cloud platform runs on a solid digital infrastructure and is ready to scale. As Product Owner VoloIQ, I am trying to tie the developments of the individual streams (App, e-commerce, flight operations, VoloDrone, etc.) together so that we coordinate topics between the streams and set the right priorities at the program level.

Quoted Person
“The other teams refer to us as “the cool team” and “surprisingly un-nerdy,” which we, of course, take as a compliment! 😉”

Is there a special project you are currently working on?

At ITS, we demonstrated how VoloIQ digitally supports the entire workflow and integration process for our VoloDrone into an existing supply chain. Enabling this was our core focus over the last few months

VoloIQ and the VoloDrone at ITS Hamburg
VoloIQ and the VoloDrone at ITS Hamburg.

What are the challenges of your job?

Recording complex requirements in a wide range of topics, breaking them down, and managing their execution. Also, a lot of anticipation is required since the service is going live in two years and there is still enough time to shape everything. Also, we want to make sure the experience we develop now is still the benchmark and state-of-the-art  2–3 years from now.

Can you share a fun fact about your team?

The other teams refer to us as “the cool team” and “surprisingly un-nerdy,” which we, of course, take as a compliment! 😉

What projects are planned for the future? Are there any vacant positions on your team?

We are always looking for DevOps, SW developers, and experts on digital solutions for aviation systems and mobility. Go ahead and check out our latest vacancies here.

The VoloIQ Team
The VoloIQ Team
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