#CrewStories: Meet the Live Communications Team
March 18, 2022|

They’re fast, they’re super-connected, and they ensure that Volocopter events run smoothly every time! This CrewStory will present the Volocopter Live Communications team.

How big is the team, where is it based, and what are its duties?

The Live Communications team is an integral part of Marketing and Brand Communications. It plays a crucial role in bringing the Volocopter brand and its products to life in a haptic and emotive way. The entire team is based at Volocopter’s headquarters in Bruchsal, southern Germany. From here, we manage and organize events around the world. The core team currently consists of three people: our team lead, our event manager, and an intern. Depending on the size of the event, we may be supported by our in-house graphic designers, copywriters, photographers, and film crew. 

We are responsible for the strategic direction and content of an event, as well as the overall project management. We create project and budget plans, and set deadlines. Plus, we organize capacities and uphold the overall coordination for our global logistics requirements. Last but not least, we design and implement trade fair booths and all the relevant auxiliary materials. 

Can you describe a typical "day in the life?"

We've always got several exciting projects on the go at any one time. Past projects included events featuring our product lineup: the VoloCity, VoloDrone, VoloConnect, VoloIQ, and VoloPort, all the while promoting the Volocopter brand.

To get these and many more projects off the ground, we are engaged in ongoing talks with other departments. This allows us to work across all the relevant internal and external stakeholders, and exposes us to many of the fascinating topics the company is driving forward. This is a huge advantage for us as we know exactly what’s going on in the Volocopter universe. And, as you can see, working on the Live Communications team is always interesting and hugely insightful!

When organizing such projects, we’re responsible for all aspects of it; these range from the project plan, team plan, budgeting, booth construction, and logistics, to marketing materials, briefings, and plenty more. Our organizational skills are second to none and our team truly is a well-oiled machine – essential skills in our day to day, which makes daily collaboration (almost) as exciting as the projects themselves. The old adage "no two days are ever the same" certainly holds true for us.

And when it comes to attending an event, time flies and we must ensure we keep an eye on everything that’s happening around us.

The Live Communications Team at ITS Hamburg

What projects have been particular highlights?

Last year we were at the Singapore Airshow, Asia's largest airshow. A team from our HQ in Bruchsal and our Munich office went along for the ride. It also gave us a chance to catch up with our colleagues in Singapore, who helped us pull off an unforgettable event.

We’re always preparing for a number of events, so make sure you stay up to date with our news on the Volocopter blog and social media channels to find out where we’re headed next!

LiveComms Team with team members in Oshkosh
We enjoy working as a team and we love what we do. Plus, we cherish the silly little things besides work and savor the adventures the events bring with them. Driving e-scooters through a city is top of that list and many colleagues have their own stories to tell about that.

What are the challenges of your job?

Well, challenges can always arise at a moment's notice and that's exactly what makes the job so interesting. In the planning phase, coordinating and accommodating different stakeholder groups and their demands isn't always easy. And when it comes to event execution, we have to act as troubleshooters and ensure that everything runs smoothly. You could say it comes with the territory - but we definitely rise to the challenges that come our way.

What do you enjoy in particular about working on the Live Communications team?

We love to have fun – and there’s always a lot of that in our work. We enjoy working together and we truly believe in Volocopter's mission. Plus, we cherish the little things that happen during the day and welcome any "mini adventures" we may have along the way - like our stint a while ago riding e-scooters through a city!

Are there any vacancies on your team?

Feel free to check out our current vacancies!

And if you want to get to know the team better through their favorite songs, then check out their Spotify playlist now!

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