#Blog: What it's like to fly a VoloCity

November 18, 2021

Fasten your seatbelts to fly our VoloCity all by yourself in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator: Game of the Year Edition. Today, you can take to the sky with the VoloCity in any city, at any airport you wish. This extraordinary opportunity is brought to you by Xbox Game Studios and Asobo Studios in cooperation with Volocopter. Available starting today, the Microsoft Flight Simulator: Game of the Year Edition will feature the VoloCity. 

“We have spent the past six months working on integrating the real VoloCity flight experience into the simulation from physics to design and down to every last button of the cockpit. We could not be prouder of the result as the only thing more real than this is the actual flight,” says Volocopter Solution Architect Jan Zwiener. “Microsoft is a strategic partner for Volocopter in bringing urban air mobility to life, especially with its Microsoft Azure cloud platform. So, as the idea of integrating the VoloCity into the Flight Simulator came up while we were working together, we were very excited from the get-go. It was truly a labor of love for us!”

Flight simmers can experience the VoloCity in high-end game graphics

The in-game premiere of the VoloCity is not just a novum for Volocopter, however, but for the whole category of eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing), as a multicopter has never been integrated into the game before. Volocopter therefore had the honor of working very closely with the Flight Simulator team. “It was a pleasure to work with the team at Microsoft Flight Simulator! They even opened their interface for our own proprietary simulation data. So, the in-game experience is exactly how we designed and tested our aircraft here at Volocopter,” Zwiener commends.

Microsoft Flight Simulator boasts a worldwide fan base that appreciates the game for its accurate physics, great graphics, and global range of destinations. Furthermore, the Microsoft Flight Simulator team welcomes input from the community and is consistently seeking new ways to bring mobility to the sim. So, it was only logical that the VoloCity and its game-changing technology join the game’s fleet. “Becoming part of this universe is a great honor for us and a big step forward in the acceptance of multicopters like our VoloCity. It’s a fantastic way for us to bring the eVTOL experience to the public in a brand new way.”

Quoted Person
Jan Zwiener — Solution Architect
“Testing the simulation I handed the controller over to my kid. He did a great job flying the VoloCity, safe and sound!”

As the VoloCity is designed for the urban environment, users are especially free in how and where to move with the aircraft. Plus the eVTOL aircraft is fairly easy to fly in the game, as it is in real life. “While I was testing the simulation, I handed the controller over to my kid. He did a great job flying the VoloCity and landed safe and sound,” Zwiener adds. The VoloCity simulation will also include other real-life factors such as the battery runtime and our multiple redundant systems. Overall, the launch is another example of Volocopter’s engaging presence in the aviation industry. It empowers people with more knowledge about the aircraft as well as urban air mobility and allows everyone to familiarize themselves with this innovative new technology.

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