#Blog #CrewStories No. 1: Behind the scenes of the Safety and Risk Management Department

September 14, 2021

At Volocopter safety is our number one priority in everything we do. We engineer our aircraft with multiple redundancies and reduce moving parts in order to decrease the likelihood of failures. All of our eVTOLs and systems are thus designed to meet the highest standards of the aviation authorities. It’s only logical that our Safety and Risk Management Department is a strategically important part of the company, as well. In this first #CrewStory Q&A, you’ll have the chance to get to know the team dedicated to safety at Volocopter a bit better.


How big is the team and where is it based?

The Safety and Risk Management Department currently consists of four members and is located at Volocopter’s home base in Bruchsal. With regard to future projects and Volocopter’s vision, the team will surely grow over the next few years. Safety is an important topic for us and we’re excited about it!

How would you describe your day at work?

Our job is to detect as many potential issues as possible before they can pose problems for our customers, partners or activities. From the start of the aircraft design to final operations, we ensure the highest safety standards. This requires us to collaborate closely with all areas of the company in order to verify, validate and improve our standards.

Quoted Person
“All of us are creating the next level of transportation. This can only be described as the greatest thing in the world for aviation enthusiasts. We love being a part of this. ”

Is there a special project you are currently working on? 

Volcopter’s pioneering spirit is deep-seated in every single employee’s mindset. We are fostering it by creating a modern culture of collaboration and constructive criticism. We want people to be able to risk failure without having to fear personal consequences and continue to break new ground in this safe and open space. At the moment, we are working on implementing and strengthening this ecosystem throughout the company, where errors can be shared quite easily and act as a catalyst for improvement.

One of the main reasons this system can work is first and foremost our employees. After all, they know best what their work requires and can quickly identify minor deviations. That’s another reason why it is our declared goal to create an open atmosphere for our entire staff: It allows us to recognize and correct errors quickly and most effectively, while at the same time driving innovations forward together to maintain our high safety standards.

What are the challenges of your job?

There is only one constant in the aviation world and that is “change.” The technical developments take place just as quickly as organizational progress. We need to make sure we maintain the highest level of safety, regardless of the pace. The greatest challenges are therefore to A) understand how processes and structures influence each other and B) to determine what will be required from our systems in the future, both to ensure safety and to empower our teams.

What do you like about your job in particular?

Seeing the aircraft being developed and how the technical challenges are managed by our team is extremely gratifying. All of us are creating the next level of transportation. This can only be described as the greatest thing in the world for aviation enthusiasts. We love being a part of this.

What projects are planned for the future? Are there any vacant positions on your team?

At this point, we are looking to find more team members for various disciplines like the human factor, maintenance, safety investigators, and also in other domains. Therefore, we are always pleased to receive new applications.

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