Volocopter - Safe

Safety first

Errors cannot always be avoided.This also applies to flying. With this knowledge we have developed a technology which offers an unparalleled level of safety in the private aviation sector by means of redundancy. All safety-relevant components are present multiple times, mutually monitor each other and compensate for the malfunction of individual components. This means there is no danger even if several motors cease functioning. You can safely continue flying and land. In addition our arrangement of 18 rotors offers considerable efficiency and safety advantages compared to other concepts.

Turbulence or dangerous maneuvers are no problem, the Volocopter immediately stabilizes itself thanks to the automatic altitude control and without the pilot’s intervention. Depend upon a system that forgives you for your mistakes. You can even let go of the joystick when you wish to gaze at something in wonderment, the Volocopter retains your altitude and position.

We have nevertheless included a full aircraft parachute for incorrigible pessimists. You will then descend to the ground, very gently, still securely seated in the aircraft, in an emergency.

Simple, safe, green - revolutionarily convincing.